Woman With Her Legs Wrapped Around A Man's Waist

Using The Language Of Desire To Tap Into The Sexual Desires Of Men

What men desire and what women think men desire are often two very different things. In order to achieve any type of sexual harmony, men and women must both be in one accord.

Below we explore five sexual desires men have as researched by Dr. Sandor Gardos, a Ph.D. recipient and founder of MyPleasure.com, Gloria Brame, a sex therapist from Georgia, and Bob Berkowitz, author of the Art of the Quickie.

According to Dr. Gloria Brame, the first desire men have is they want women to sexually stimulate themselves. It is not a woman’s job to turn a man on. Likewise, it is not a man’s duty to arouse a woman.

Dr. Brame believes women must arouse themselves in order to have a meaningful sexual encounter. As a woman, it’s also perfectly normal and acceptable to fantasize about being with other men.

The second desire men have is they want pleasurable sex. Dr. Gardos points out how sexual encounters are rarely as smooth as they appear in Hollywood films. The important thing is to overcome the awkward moments and still enjoy one another. Life is not perfect, and it’s important for both partners to realize this.

The third sexual desire men have is they want women to let them know what turns them on. A great way to do this is through dirty talk, and there’s no better dirty talking guide for women than Felicity Keith’s Language of Desire which contains more than 30 actionable techniques. Learn about it here: http://haveyouseenhim.com/felicity-keiths-language-of-desire-review-dirty-words-dirtier-phrases-and-a-whole-lot-of-verbal-viagra/

Along with dirty talk, Dr. Gardos explains that men love when women guide them during sex without being snippy about it. Dr. Brame follows up the notion by stating that women should tell their men when they are doing something well. Be specific on the types of foreplay you want your man to engage in.

The fourth desire men have in the bedroom is they want to watch a woman pleasure herself. Watching can mean a variety of things, but Dr. Berkowitz suggests remaining clothed as this leaves certain things to a man’s imagination and builds anticipation for what is to follow.

The fifth sexual desire men have is they want women to be naughty. According to Dr. Brame, women are often afraid of shedding their good girl image. Therefore, they are less likely to do anything that might be conceived as naughty, kinky, bizarre, or “slutty”.

However, this is not what men want. Men want to see women cut loose and release their inner sexual animal without holding back. However, many men don’t want to offend a woman, so they often don’t ask.

Shedding your good girl image in the privacy of your own bedroom allows both partners to explore unknown territory and enjoy new sexual experiences and fantasies together.