Man Flirting WIth A Woman On A Bench

What To Say To A Woman You Want To Date

What a man says to a girl he likes is a very important decider on whether he gets to date her or not. Fittingly, it is a source of a lot of head scratching among men, but one that is easily remedied by improving your communication and seduction skills through a program like the Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS).

The key to a successful conversation is maintaining continuity and ensuring it flows deeper towards trust and complete self-exposure. The following tips can help you achieve this.

1. Focus on one topic at a time and lead the flow of conversation to deeper levels

Many men fail at talking to women by flip flopping too quickly between topics. This denies them the opportunity to take the conversation to a deeper level.

You should have a catalog of topics you think would be of interest to her. If she seems to enjoy a particular topic, try to keep it running for a long time and navigate it in such a way that it gets more personal and fun.

2. Ask questions

Asking questions gets a woman to talk about herself and keeps you from dominating the conversation. Show interest by asking questions about her background, her work, passions etc.

If she shares a bad experience that happened to her in the past, show compassion by listening intently and give her a hug or use the opportunity to make other physical contact . Asking questions will also get her to expose her true self which can help you qualify the kind of person she is so you know if she’s really the type of woman you want to date.

3. Show appreciation

What you say to a woman you want to date should always include appreciation. Women thrive off appreciation as much as men thrive off admiration. Playing this card can score you big points with her. When you get together, mention being excited to see her, and at least once during the date mention you enjoy spending time with her.

Compliments are an effective way to get women to like you, but do not lean too much towards her physical attributes. After you tell her she looks great, the rest of your compliments should focus on aspects of her personality rather than her looks.

If it feels like you’re stretching to give her a genuine compliment, then she’s probably not the right girl for you.

4. Keep it light and fun

They say, “Girls just wanna have fun” and it’s true. To avoid being lumped into the lame and boring category, avoid talking about serious topics such as politics and religion.
Instead, playfully tease her and make her laugh and she will want more and more of you. A little sex talk also helps in spicing things up a bit, but you should first test the waters to see how she responds. Don’t push the issue if she seems uncomfortable.

Learning what to say to a woman you want to date sometimes involves walking a fine line with your communication. Avoid overstepping the boundary between teasing and insulting. This is a very common mistake men make when talking to women. If it happens, apologize for the goof and go back to safer subjects.

5. Be direct

Sometimes, telling a girl exactly what you want is the best way to move the relationship to the next level. It not only keeps you from wasting time on a woman who’s not interested, but it also shows confidence, leadership, and ambition to go after what you want. Most women find those traits extremely attractive in a man.

The key here is to read her signs correctly, so you know when to make your move and escalate the relationship.